Firm Profile / Overview

Mission Statement

Architectural Lighting Design – Arranging Visual Effect in Architectural Environment.
- JK Yao

Lighting designers have always been asked to join a project team much later than they would prefer. For this reason, a competitive lighting designer needs to comprehend the architectural design in the limited time given. He needs to evaluate the architectural space and material characteristics, and make crucial decisions, with the goal of creating a unique design which will produce the optimal visual effect while offering the most economical solutions to achieve it. In addition, it is imperative to devise a maintenance plan during the design process, because it is the only way to ensure the preservation of the visual lighting effect in the long run.

We believe that the architect has the leading role in any project. All consultants including lighting designers support the architects in their efforts to achieve the master plan. We also believe that any good architectural or lighting design effect should not be credited to any particular design individual. The overall design effect achieved should be attributed to the collaborative efforts of all members involved. Normally, these members include the owner, the project team, architects, all design consultants, contractors, suppliers, and operators. It would not be a good project without the competent contribution of each of the above entities.

Mr. JK Yao founded chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design Inc. in 1992 after years of practice in New York City. Since its inception, chroma33 has designed lighting for over 1100 projects throughout East Asia. Project types include hotel, retail, shopping mall, hospital, theme park, historical building, office, residential, landscape and gallery environments. chroma33's creative ideas, professional capabilities and strong stand in adhering to design intent during the construction phase are widely recognized by owners and architects.


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