Firm Profile / Taipei Head Office

Design Concept Initiative
Schematic Design
Simulation Study
Coordination with Owner and Architects/Interior Designers
Design Development with Architects/Interior Designers
Documentation Supervision
Final Inspection/Report

Principal Designer JK Yao
Education Master of Fine Arts in
Architectural Lighting Design
Parsons School of Design, New York City
Professional Experience 43 Years
Controller Yvonne Yeh
Education Bachelor's Degree
Tamkang University, Taipei
Professional Experience 33 Years
Administrator Cynthia Lin
Education Bachelor's Degree
National Chengchi University, Taipei
Professional Experience 24 Years
Director Yi-Ching Wang
Education Bachelor's Degree – Architectural Design
Tamkang University, Taipei
Professional Experience 25 Years
Associate Yunn-Ting Shai
Education Bachelor's Degree
NPUST, Pingtung
Professional Experience 29 Years
Designer Rui-Nian Lin 
Master of Light & Lighting in
University College London
Bachelor's Degree - Fine Art & Interior Design /
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City
Professional Experience 5 Years
Designer Pei-Yin Lu
Education Bachelor's Degree - The Department of Architecture
National Cheng Kung University, Tainan
Professional Experience 5 Years
Designer Wan-Lun Kuo
Education Diploma of Interior Decorating / Sheridan College , Toronto
Bachelor's Degree - Art and Design
Yuan Ze University, Taoyuan
Professional Experience 4 Years
Designer Fan Chiang, Yi-Hsuan
Education Bachelor's Degree - The Department of Architecture - Interior design programrt / Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung
Professional Experience 4 Years
Administrative Assistant Yu-Hua Hsu
Education Bachelor's Degree
Aletheia University, Taipei
Professional Experience 3 Years
Designer You-Yun Zheng
Education Bachelor's Degree - Interior design
Chung Yuan Christian University
Professional Experience 1 Years



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